Sustainability Award by Diversey Care 2017 for the Amathus Beach Hotel

Amathus Beach Hotel was awarded with the ‘Sustainability Award by Diversey Care 2017’ during the 44th EHMA (European Health Management Association) annual general meeting in Netherlands, in recognition of the hotel’s outstanding long-term endeavours to protect and even improve the environment.

Amathus is the first hotel in Cyprus and one of the very few in Southern Europe with an advanced central geo-exchange and a heat recovery system that exploits the sea water for heating/cooling purposes for the hotel needs, resulting in a significant reduction of environmental pollution. Additionally, a desalination plant is used for the hotel water supply, as well as for irrigation purposes and all other procedures, such us recycling of plastic, paper, glass, oil, batteries, printers’ inks etc have been upgraded.

The environmental friendly culture is strongly cultivated within the owners of the hotel. All employees of Amathus Beach Hotel share a “green” mentality, since it is part of the hotel’s culture. For the benefit of residents, visitors, and the environment, Amathus team participate in various joint events such as the annual beach cleaning event, and tree planting in and around Limassol.