The Muskita Groups field of expertise is diverse – operationally and geographically.
Included are: Aluminium industries based in Cyprus; Hotel businesses with properties in Cyprus and Greece; and a real estate division with assets in several locations in Cyprus and overseas.

The mindset behind the success of the Muskita Group is simple yet effective: ‘Quality with uncompromising standards.’ We are driven by a passion to excel in all we do. The group employs approximately 2,000 people in Cyprus and overseas. Part of our philosophy is to create competitive advantage through our personnel and we encourage our employees to ‘grow’ within the company. Our late father, George Mouskis, was the founder of Muskita Group in 1958. George Mouskis was a pioneer of the European Aluminium Industry. He had a humble background, however he was a man with a passion for learning and quickly realized aluminium’s potential as a new building material, at a time when the metal was relatively unheard of.

He founded MUSKITA from a small company he established with 10 employees that made aluminium structures in Cyprus. His principles: honesty and integrity; hard work; being close to his workforce; and taking a conservative approach to expansion, were instilled in me and my brothers, Demos, who is the Chairman of Muskita Aluminium Industries and Glafkos, who is Chairman of our Athens Hotel company. We all believe that his pioneering spirit lives on within all our companies; the Muskita Group’s collective mission is to be innovators in an ongoing quest for excellence

Executive Chairman